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Udi's Three Cheese Pizza
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We bought a few frozen pizzas for our kids on a night we were going out, and Udi's Three Cheese Pizza was clearly their favorite. Usually they will leave all of the crusts on the plate, but they devoured all of the pizza and wanted more. My father, who is gluten intolerant, had told us about the pizza and also raved about it. I guess I need to try it, too!?

Submitted on Jul 17, 2013

Gluten Free Paella
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Gluten-free paella can be had. This past weekend we were guests of great friends at the Jersey Shore, and paella was on the menu. Our hosts simply followed this recipe from - The Ultimate Paella. The paella was expertly crafted on a grill. Yum. I'm working on a list of all of the ingredients and will update this Gluten Free Tip ASAP.

Submitted on Jul 26, 2013

Progresso Chicken Rice Soup
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With the cold winter days comes my cravings for soup. I love to have Progresso Chicken Rice for lunch and I often add some extras so that I'm not hungry an hour later. Lately, I've been adding a little extra rice (leftover basmati rice from dinner the night before), a big dollop of fat free sour cream and some franks hot sauce. Other times, instead of sour cream I add a little bit of Cabot's Seriously Sharp Shredded Cheese.

Submitted on Mar 07, 2013

Popcorn Indiana's Drizzlecorn - Dark Fudge and Chocolate Chip
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Popcorn covered in fudge with chocolate chips that is gluten free... what's not to like? I like dark chocolate on just about anything, and this does the trick nicely when I'm looking for something sweet after dinner that differs from the usual fare (gf cookies, ice cream, etc.

Submitted on May 02, 2013

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nibs
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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nibs are a tasty little treat for any gluten-free chocolate lover. These tiny little cocoa nibs are "drenched in 65% cacao dark chocolate. They come in a nifty metal case that can be securely tucked into a briefcase, pocket or desk drawer so they're there when you need a tasty little pick me up. The only potential drawback for you is the limited amount (1 ounce) in e

Submitted on Jun 12, 2013

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